Culinary Adventures: Desk Dinner Diary

When November came around, I knew it was going to be a busy beginning of the month when it came to my job with Election Day. For those that don’t know, I’m a producer and editor at a 24/7 news station. Once the elections were done and over with, I thought I would settle into a normal middle of the month before the busy Thanksgiving schedules of the end of the month.

Things didn’t work out as I had planned in my head. A massive wildfire broke out in Northern California, so I was working extra hours. There were scheduling things that came up and I was working extra days that left me with no time to do any videos, recipe posts, or anything remotely food related other than slapping together something that might be considered a dinner and dashing out the door to work.

In the middle of the month, an idea came to me that I should do a video diary of the dinners that I have while at work. And thus, Pixie’s Desk Dinner Diary was born…

Like an actual diary, there are some days missing….either due to me not being work, or because work was too busy to actually film something.

Then, since the month of November has been a complete mess, when it came time for me to actually produce my video diary, of course something would happen that would complicate things…again.

Windows had done an update and that rendered my desktop computer into a desk ornament with zero access to any of my programs or files. So every program that I use for my videos were inaccessible. All the cool files and transition slates that I made for this video series were useless since I couldn’t get to them, nor could I use them because none of the programs were something that I could get to anyway. I tried to troubleshoot the issue for nearly seven hours and nothing was working, nothing was helping, nothing was fixing the issues. So, yeah, I’ll have to figure that out when I have an entire day to waste with Microsoft tech support.

Time was ticking, I had two days before my vacation started, I had a massive migraine, and this needed to get out before November was over or it’d seem weird (at least in my head). I slapped together a video as best I could with my phone and got it up.

Basically, this is just me whining. I did it, I made a video, and I’m happy with it. If you’ve ever wanted to see what I have to food while at work, check out the video below.

Moral of the story – there are always solutions to make things happen. As always, thanks for your support and for watching!

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