About Pixie Clay

Baking and cooking have always been things that I enjoy doing. Though honestly, I didn’t really get seriously into culinary experimentation until I was a teenager. I learned the basics when I was young kid from my parents, but according to them, I sort of ran with it to get to where I am today. I have no professional culinary training and my knife skills could use some improvements. Despite that, I have fun creating dishes, the food is delicious, and people (especially coworkers who get most of my treats) enjoy it. That’s all that matters! My favorite and most fulfilling part about cooking and baking for others is watching them take the first bite and seeing that look on their face of enjoying something so tasty. I was born and raised in Hawaii so that plays a huge factor into my love for food. I’ve moved away from home and have been living in the San Francisco area since 2011, but there are things from Hawaii that still inspires my culinary endeavors.


I’m of the belief that you don’t need any fancy kitchen equipment or specific training to produce some seriously delicious dishes.  I’m also very much of the opinion that cooking or baking is like any other skill – you have to practice to get better. With those thoughts, I want to show others by example that it’s possible with a home kitchen.

In 2017, I was cast on a Food Network show called Bakers vs Fakers and won BOTH ROUNDS! It’s Season 2, Episode 10 “In a Pickle” if you would like to watch it. I cannot say enough great words about the entire experience and everyone involved. It was so much fun that I think I caught the food competition bug.

MixerSmile - Edited

A lot of people have asked for my recipes and I admit, I don’t have the best of memories and tend to misplace notes for recipes…So I figured why not have a website to organize it all? I don’t like food waste, so many of my recipes uses whole ingredients – no half an onion or pepper floating around in the fridge forgotten with my way of cooking!

You can contact me by emailing: pixienom[at]gmail[dot]com

All recipes are mine unless otherwise stated.

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