Culinary Adventures: My YouTube Channel.

One of the things that annoy me the most about the online cooking videos floating around and being shared all over the place is the fact that 95.8464% ( that’s a very scientific number, I promise) of them use the same music on it. I know that people can’t just use any type of music because of fair-use rules and copyright laws. Yet….I get this weird twitch in my eye every time I hear that really obnoxious music with the whistling since it seems to be everyone’s favorite. Another thing thing that people do is talk just to fill the silence, even if what they’re saying is hella awkward or doesn’t make sense or has zero relation to what they’re cooking.

I’ve seen a few videos where people just cook. And there’s no music, they don’t talk. You just hear all the sounds that go along with cooking. To me, that’s very relaxing. I enjoy watching these videos. And I wish there were more of them.

So I’ve started my own YouTube channel featuring those types of videos. Since there weren’t a lot of videos of what I liked seeing, why not make them, right?

It seems counter-intuitive, especially since I’m in broadcasting and my career is based around talking all the time.

Yet I think there’s something special about just focusing on the food without the distraction of talking, without the music. Let the focus be on the process and let people hear the sounds of cooking instead of trying to mask it or cover it up. Strip away all the nonsense. And no awkward talking for the hell of it.

That makes the videos kinda artsy if you think about it.

I make two versions of each recipe I record: A quicker version that’s 5 minutes. And a longer version for those that really love those kitchen/cooking sounds without having to make a mess or do any of the clean up.

If you want to check out the videos, click here to go to my YouTube channel.

I’m creating some new recipes that will be posted on the site so it’s not exclusive to people watching the videos. I’m also going through ones that have already been posted here and recording those.

Plus, I have some other ideas about the types of videos I want to record and post, so keep an eye out for that.

Happy cooking!

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