Culinary Adventures: The baking never stops.

Once again, life had gotten so busy, I unfortunately neglected my blog…It doesn’t mean that I wasn’t cooking or baking. Ooooh, no no no no. It just means I didn’t have time to photograph and blog recipes to share with you all.

As a humble apology gift, please take the endless scroll of pictures as eye-delights to visually feast on. I’ve been making everything from cutie ghost macarons for Halloween, to Christmas shortbread bites…and tree cookies with hand placed sprinkles (I think I had a bit of insanity when I thought I should do this), Christmas chocolate bundt cake,  to chocolate dipped strawberries, Valentine’s Day cookies, flan, shortbread cookies, and finally….a pineapple layer cake for my birthday.

Thanks for looking! I hope to be posting recipes again soon once life calms down a bit!

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